The purification of precious metals through chemical, electrochemical, and pyrometallurgical processes is known as refining. Non Ferrous Miners selects the best method for your metal based on its initial purity.

We recover precious metals from a wide range of metal-bearing materials, such as jewelry and bullions from secondary market, d’ore from mining companies, industrial scraps and solutions.

Our individual approach to each customer starts from dedicated crucible which is solely used for your material. Our experienced staff implements most efficient refining process for each material, which results in fast turnaround and competitive pricing.


For thousands of years, gold has been used as a medium of exchange and a store of value, and trading gold is just as relevant in the twenty-first century as it has ever been. Gold continues to be a valuable store of value, with many investors using it to protect themselves against financial crises, inflation, and geopolitical risks.

Hedging enables dealers to lock in prices and mitigates risk associated with price fluctuations. Non Ferrous Miners provides international customers with hedging services.

The London Metal Exchange (LME) is the global center for industrial metals trading; Zion Precious Metals trading is based on LME pricing and trading according to LME live prices.

Non Ferrous Miners trading activities include the acquisition of scrap jewelry, mining products, and e-waste material from appropriately accredited license holders.


In order to determine the purity and composition of your lot, it will be melted and sampled. Our highly qualified laboratory staff masters range of the methods, including fire, spectrometric, ICP, X-Ray and chemical assays.